Our Story


Because we’re small and nimble, we’re able to react swiftly. We’re not weighed down by layers and departments and process. We can jump right in, listen, assess and bounce into action.

Each of us brings a decade of digital experience to Wingfield Digital, coming from different corners of the digital industry – between us we have big agencies, production, design, technical, commerce and business backgrounds.

Regardless of the size of the account or project, we have an appreciation for its individuality, a dedication to the brand and a constant eye on business objectives.

Leigh Wingfield

Managing Director

Leigh runs the day to day operations at WD, and also runs about 5 times a week outside (rain or shine). A black dog can be found at his feet at all times.

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Neal Marques

Technical Director

A developer back when Nokia was the world's best selling cell phone, Neal's prowess with coding languages is a close match to his accuracy with arrow groupings.

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Claudio Sossi

Quality Assurance Director

Claudio Sossi not only has an eye for digital discrepencies but also for rare 70's vinyl. But get him excited and you'll hear "Viva El Parka!!"

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Cristina Santos

Creative Director

Designer, award winner, world traveler ~ Cristina keeps a sharp eye on all things creative; and a toddler!

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