Claudio Sossi

Quality Assurance Director

Claudio Sossi has been performing Quality Assurance testing for over 20 years, beginning in the financial industry... and then to practically anything else you can think of. Seriously. He's tested it.
Philosophically, Claudio believes that our desire for internet communication should never compromise the highest degree of confidence in performance and functionality. Claudio ensures that all of our projects deploy to the highest of standards.

Besides his obsession with finding bugs, Claudio is also a music and "rock and roll" aficionado. You might find him on his ukulele, or paying tributes to Hank Williams on his autoharp.

Now, combine that with... wrestling!!

Fascinated by Mexican “lucha libre” culture, Claudio is drawn to how the mythology and legend of these characters play into everyday life south of the border and he may even own a "luchador”mask that he keeps hidden somewhere in the guest bedroom that he doesn’t tell anyone about (he wears it during the Hank Williams tributes).

Claudio is also active in fundraising for the MS Society as well as Amnesty International because after all, freedom is everything.