Wynonna Earp

Website Development + CMS + QA

Bringing a fictional continuation of a turn-of-the-century legend to life on the web was just too tempting a project to get in on.

Our client was tasked to bring the television series Wynonna Earp to the online public in an engaging way that would be informative, practical, and loads of fun. The end result was a challenge in desktop/mobile compatibility, as no one should be excluded in finding out about that episode of Wynonna Earp that they might have missed!

The Site utilized an engaging intro that prompted users to easily stay up to date by way of episode selection, with each episode broken down into segments and with video integration.

Further, the solution allowed users to retrieve character-specific information, cross-referencing the bios of an assortment of heroes, villains, locations, and supernatural artifacts with the scenes they appeared in specific episodes.

Whether using your iPhone, Android tablet, Macbook Pro, or your new Windows 10 PC we were able to help guarantee an engaging experience for all, navigating through characters and scenes with high quality video along the way. Giddyup!

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