Internet.Org by Facebook

Quality Assurance Testing

It’s one thing to have browser and device coverage for a North American audience, but what if your scope is much farther-reaching? What if you’re looking to nations in Asia and Africa? What if you’re looking to technology programs offered not only in big cities, but in the most rural areas in these countries?
Facebook has a program called, which seeks to unite the world by providing wireless opportunities in third world countries – from a city employee to the most remote farmers. Details on goals and method can be found at

We were delighted to be a part of the project in ensuring that the promotional site for the service met the same standards as the offering. This meant testing not only the most current devices and browsers, but going back several versions and include less-used browsers like Opera.

When you consider the leaps in technology between certain browser versions (did anyone say iE8? How about IE7?), you can see the effort involved – especially since we were also measuring the user experience and not only basic functionality. We were proud to be a part of the initiative, and as a bonus we happened to learn a lot about companies and offerings in other countries.

Definitely a project to feel good about!

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