Quality Assurance


We believe QA brings integrity to a project by reinforcing the human element. We pride ourselves on work built for purpose and ideas that last.

QA ensures that our work is durable by supporting production and development with critical analysis and detailed focus. QA is also future proofing by appraising a project’s adaptability and managing for change. We depend on QA to be inquisitive, scrutinizing and perceptive - things machines can’t do.

We all know that technology evolves and in QA, we evolve right along with it. At Wingfield Digital we leverage what we know and what we learn as new technology is introduced. This way, we can assist our clients in their planning - advising them of any limitations before man-hours are dedicated to the development effort.

The earlier QA is introduced to a project, the better. Once a stage of functionality is met, we test it thoroughly across a full range of browsers and devices. With so many options and versions available, good QA reduces risk.

We see QA as not only ensuring things work as they are meant to but anticipating the unexpected.

Part of our task is to measure the human interactive experience of the project. Are there any obstacles to reaching a goal? Is a site or contest's flow logical enough for as big an audience as possible?

While reviewing a site's functionality, is there an opportunity to further enhance a client's success in achieving their objective? These are questions we continually ask ourselves during a project's planning stages, all the way to testing.

  • Cross-browser Testing
  • Mobile and Tablet Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • AODA Compliance Audits
  • User Scenarios
  • Accessibility Reviews
  • Content Auditing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load and Balance Testing